As many schools throughout the Metro have expanded the presence of concurrent programs for HS students, we at Western Heights have expanded as well. In conjuction with Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) and Oklahoma State University/Oklahoma City (OSU/OKC) our students now have more opportunities to advance their education.

High School students have the potential to earn up to 60 hours of collegiate work by the time they graduate and receive their HS diploma. Participating in concurrent enrollment not only will allow students to earn high school and college credit, but also will help students have a smooth transition to the rigor of college-level courses after graduating high school.  Concurrent enrollment has been and will continue to be free to students and represent a great savings to parents and students in both time and money. 

Students who score a minimum of 19 in subject area on the ACT or Pre-ACT and have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 are eligible to take these courses.  We have learned that students who have completed the junior year are eligible to enroll in college classes during the summer with up to 6 hours of tuition paid for by the Regents of Higher Education.  Also keep in mind that concurrent classes will continue to be weighted 5.0 on the Western Heights Grading Scale.  A majority of these courses will be offered on the Western Heights High School Campus, only specialized course such as Medical Level Lab Classes will require students to attend on the college campus with transportation provided by the district.

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Why Concurrent Enrollment

  • Receive both High School and College Credit referred to as Dual Enrollment
  • Most Classes offered on High School Campus (some may be on college campus)
  • Transportation will be available if class is held on college campus
  • Complete your degree faster
  • Every college degree requires English, Government, and History
  • No big exam to pass or to pay for
  • No tuition to pay
  • Reduction in the need for future student loans
  • General Education classes can be transferred to any college or university in the state of OK

Course Offerings

English Comp 1

English Comp 2


College Algebra 1

College Algebra 2



Biology w/lab

Human Anatomy/Lab

Music Theory

Others as Needed


Admission Requirements

Minimum ACT Score 19

High School GPA 3.0 or higher

Minimum SAT or PSAT composite score 980



For more information regarding Concurrent Enrollment, contact the school counselors:


Bonnie Wood
Laura Castrop
Kristi Schmidt
Amy Rosenfelt