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Bond Information

A bond election is a community vote on whether to give a school district permission to borrow money to make improvements. Just like people might take out a mortgage to buy a house, school districts borrow money for construction, renovation, equipment, buses, etc., and then repay that money over time. Western Heights like the huge majority of school districts in Oklahoma and across the nation, use bonds to pay for needed improvements.

By law, bond funds can only be used for purposes such as building construction or renovation, purchase of equipment, technology and textbooks and purchase of buses. Bond funds may never be used for salaries.

2017 Bond Information Brochure 

2013 Bond Information Brochure

2009 Bond Information Brochure

2017 bond - western heights

In 2017, the Western Heights Public School District put forth a bond for public vote. One bond for $41,760,000.00 for buildings and a second bond for $2,200,000.00 for 22 school buses.

Why does WH need a bond?

To encourage growth, offer additional curriculum, renovate, repair, and add on to buildings, and support advanced and special courses.

Highlights of the Bond

Construct a new Fine Arts and STEAM Academy - completed

Construct a New Heritage Center - completed

Acquire Technology Equipment - completed

Acquire 22 School Buses for Pupil Transportation - completed

Repair existing buildings - ongoing

Acquire Football/Track Scoreboard - completed

What does the Bond Provide:

WHPS Heritage Center -

  • 9 Classrooms (Grades 1st through 9th)
  • Computer Lab
  • Media and Evaluation Center
  • Safe Room
  • Play Area
  • Room for Expansion and Growth

Fine Arts and Science Academy - 

  • 5 Core Clusters - Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Science and Math
  • Black Box Theatre (~230 seats)
  • Art Gallery
  • Robotics Classroom and Advanced Science Lab
  • Dance Studio
  • Music and Choral Studios
  • Safe Room
  • Exterior Amphitheater
  • Practice Rooms
  • Approximately 16 support classrooms