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Student and Staff Safety

Student and staff safety is of paramount importance at Western Heights Public Schools. The information listed below indicates many different areas and many different ways that we work diligently to insure the safety of all.


The district has a detailed Emergency Procedure Guide. This guide outlines procedures for emergencies/crises such as: accidents, pandemic illness, threats (robberies, bomb/explosives, intruders, abductions, hostage situations, suspicious packages, terrorism alerts, fire, tornado, earthquake, child abuse, death/suicide).


Before becoming a Western Heights employee, a person must clear two background checks including the OSBI fingerprint check required by law. References are checked and calls are made to previous employers. New employees receive extensive training on policies and district expectations.


The district has policies that prohibit staff and student fraternization.

Other policies that address student and staff safety would include: Assault on Employees, Mandatory Report of Child Abuse, Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure, Bullying Prevention, Concussion & Head Injury, Felony & Sex Offenders, Gangs/Cults/Secret Societies, Ordering Individuals off School Grounds, Protection of School Personnel, Release of Students, Security Practice & Procedures, Prohibition of Sexual Harassment, Student Searches, and Student Transportation.

Staff at all levels are trained on these and other policies & procedures on a continuing basis.


The district maintains other safety and security measures including but not limited to: surveillance cameras at all sites, bus cameras, identifiable keyed entrance to sites, safe school committees, off-duty police officers, security guards, two-way radio communication for all administration & security personnel, ID badges, and CPR/first aid trained staff in all sites.

One of the most effective safety and security tools is an open line of communication with students and staff. The district believes that students, staff and patrons feel secure in providing information to administration if they have concerns and that the information provided will be handled in a confidential, investigative manner. Any and all issues that are deemed inappropriate/dangerous are handled swiftly and effectively to insure safety of all students and staff. Problems or concerns can be reported to the Superintendent or the district has anonymous “drop boxes” located in both the high school and middle school buildings; however, confirmable reports are of much greater value than anonymous reports. It takes everyone working together to insure safety for all.


Mr. Heath Richardson
Director of School Safety
Email Director Richardson