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Effective January 1, 2000, state legislation allows for open transfer of students if certain conditions are met. An open transfer does not require the permission of the resident school district. This legislation affects every student in the Western Heights School District who is already attending our school on a previous transfer agreement, as well as any future transfers. New timelines became effective with new law as of November 2013:

The Board of Education shall consider transfer requests on a first-come, first-served basis:
All parent applications for open transfer must be submitted beginning in January and no later than the 1st Monday in June for the next school year. The decision to approve or deny each transfer will be made within 30 days of application completion and the next regular Board meeting.

Applications for emergency transfers must gain the approval of both the sending and receiving districts of a current year.

The following information must be provided with the transfer application in order for the application to be considered complete for processing:

  • Child's Birth Certificate

  • Proof of residence in another school district (utility bills, lease agreements or property title, drivers license)

  • Immunization record

  • Most recent grade report or grade transcript

  • Attendance records

  • Discipline records (or proof that none exists)

If the student is in special education, most recent IEP and MEETS forms; an IEP meeting must be held with representatives of both districts prior to approval of the transfer request.

If certain elective courses or programs are desired, they must be noted.

The same documentation is required for each sibling to be considered for a transfer.

Transfers will be processed in the order in which the applications are received.

No additional transfers shall be granted once classroom capacities have been met or exceeded (95% capacity for regular classes; 80% and/or .8 FTE for special education classes).

In addition, failure to meet either one of these additional criteria will result in the denial of the transfer application:

1) Prospective student must have no more than 10 absences per semester for the previous and/or current year; and

2) Prospective student must have received no long-term suspensions and no short-term suspensions cumulatively totaling more than 10 days per semester in the previous year and/or current year.

Placement of elementary students will be at the discretion of the school district (based upon enrollment). Parents will be required to provide transportation to school or to a regular pre-existing bus stop in the Western Heights School District. No district, including Western Heights School District, shall discriminate against any student requesting a transfer.

Enrollment Capacity and Slots Available by Site and Grade (Updated March 29th, 2024)