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Kricket Rhoads Connywerdy
Program Coordinator

8435 SW 44th St (Room D103)
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Phone: 405-261-6734

Lavonne Bates
Education Specialist

The Western Heights Native American Student Service consists of two federal programs that provide educational an financial support to meet the unique needs of Native American children within the school district.


Resources for Parents

Title VII Program is funded though the Department of Education operating within the Office of Indian Education in Washington, D.C.  These funds go directly to local programs to meet academic, social and cultural needs as well as college and career planning.  All students of Native American descent are eligible to participate.  Eligibility does not consider income level.  Procedures for enrolling your school age child as a recipient of the program begin with the completion of a Title VII Student Eligibility Certification Form (506).

Title VI ED 506 Form

Johnson O’Malley Program (JOM) is funded through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, office of Indian Education in Washington, D.C.  The Western Heights Native American Student Services provides tutoring for students identified as needing additional assistance.  The JOM program provides enrichment activities such as Native American Clubs, youth leadership, college scholarship assistance, cultural dance, family cultural night, testing reimbursement, awards banquet and other program activities.  To be eligible for services under JOM, student must have a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card or records showing lineage to a parent or ancestor with a CDIB card.

JOM Application

Western Heights Indian Education Program supplies will be available daily throughout the school year from 8:30 to 4:00. If you are not registered with the program, you will need to complete the application forms and bring:  Tribal membership or CDIB, and birth certificate.

Indian Education Programs Coordinator Kricket Connywerdy

WH Middle School, Rm D103.
8435 SW 44th Street
405-261-6734 Email: Kricket Connywerdy

school supplies distribution, parent meeting & More…

Western Heights Indian Education Program 2020

Indian Education Program 2020

Native American Month

District-Wide Cultural Presentation for Native American Heritage Month from Western Heights Indian Education Program at the Middle School.

67th Annual New Year’s Dance
Sponored by our WH Indian Education Club, OKC Pow-Wow Club, & Tulsa Indian Club


Our Western Heights Indian Education program hosted the OKC Powwow Club New Years dance and had over 600 people attend with over 20 vendors.  It was a fun day of sharing Native culture here at Western Heights.

Services Offered

  • Tutoring
  • School Supplies
  • Assistance with instruments, sports, etc.
  • Native American History Lessons
  • Scholarship Information
  • Career Information
  • ACT/SAT Reimbursement
  • Educational Fees for Graduation
  • Mentoring
  • Native American Clubs
  • Parent Committee
  • Cultural Events and Activities



Individuals of Indian descent are defined as follows:

  1. a person who is a member of a tribe, band, or other organized group of Indians including those tribes, band, or groups terminated since 1940 and those recognized now or in the future by the state in which they reside or;
  2. a person who has a parent(s) or grandparent(s) who is a member(s) of a tribe, or a person who is considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be of Indian descent for any purpose or;
  3. is an Eskimo, Aleut, or other Alaskan Native

(Public Law 92-318)