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Career Tech Education (CTE)

Career Tech Education programs assist students in transitioning to college and in guiding students toward successful careers.

At Western Heights, Career Technical Education can begin as early as the seventh grade and continue into high school with an emphasis on continuing on to college with post-secondary education. Career Tech Education programs stress mathematics, science, communication and technology. These programs also emphasize teamwork, hands-on learning, work-site experiences, critical thinking and problem solving.

Students have the opportunity to prepare for college by discovering and exploring career options while in high school. Upon successful completion of a program, students will have the potential to earn college credit, and/or even a pilot's license. By following the career pathways described in the WH course catalog, students can be ready to enter one of the following Career Tech programs after the freshman year.


Mr. Cecil Midgett | CTE Instructor
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Mrs. Erin Clapper | Director of Federal Programs
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