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Health Services

Western Heights Public Schools Health Office Procedures

The health office is eager to cooperate with you, as parents, to be sure that your child is healthy and ready to learn.  The following information is provided to acquaint you with the activities and services of the health offices at Western Heights.

STAFF:  Western Height Schools have 3 traveling nurses provided by the District who will care for student illnesses and injuries that occur in school. The nurses will also provide screenings and education throughout the year.  Because the nurses travel from school to school, they may not always be present at the time of the injury or illness, but may be contacted if needed, and can give advice over the phone.

MEDICAL CONSIDERATIONS:  Confidential records that are recorded by the nurse are provided to appropriate staff on a “need to know basis”.  Please keep the health office informed of changes in your child’s health, allergies, limitations, injuries etc.

ATTENDANCE:  When your child is absent or late for school, please call the school and give the reason.  Absences without a doctor’s note will not be excused.  The students are allowed 10 unexcused absences per semester. When deciding whether or not to send your child to school, the following guidelines may be helpful.

Please keep your child home if:

  1. A fever (>100) is present or has been in the past 24 hours. The student may return to school after having a normal temp (<99.5) for at least 24 hours while NOT taking any fever reducing medications like Tylenol or Motrin.
  2. The child has a cold with a heavy nasal discharge and/or a persistent cough
  3. The child is on antibiotics, the child should remain home 24 hours after starting the medication.
  4. The student has vomiting/diarrhea. The student may return to school 24 hours after symptoms resolved.
  5. The student has an undiagnosed rash. A rash may be indicative of many things, frequently of illness that are contagious.  Therefore a student will be excluded from school until a physician evaluates and determines the nature and contagiousness of the rash.  A note is required from the physician upon return to school.

COMMUNICABLE DISEASE:  Students who have a communicable disease such as chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis (pink eye), scabies, or an undiagnosed rash must be excluded from school.  If you are suspicious of such problems, please do not send the child to school for diagnosis, refer to your private physician for diagnosis.  Please report any confirmed diagnoses to the health office so that epidemics can be avoided.  The school nurse will send home notices to the class involved only when 2 or more physician made diagnoses have been confirmed in that class.

EMERGENCY CARE:  The nurse, (or another staff member when the nurse is not present), will provide first aid as necessary should an emergency occur at school.  It is important to inform the health office of telephone numbers where parents may be reached if an emergency arises.  We also request names and phone numbers of two reliable friends or relatives who could assume temporary care of your child if illness or injury should occur and you cannot be reached.  Parents/Guardians will be notified when a child has vomiting/diarrhea, complaining of continuous discomfort, has a temperature >100, or in case of injury (head injury or possible fracture/sprain).  If your child becomes sick or injured at school, it is your responsibility to pick up your child promptly.

  • If a contact cannot be reached for the following injuries or illnesses EMSA will be called and any associated cost will be the parents’/guardians’ responsibility:
    • Fever >103.5
    • Suspicion of fracture
    • Continuous vomiting/diarrhea
    • Head Injury with sign of concussion
    • Asthma or breathing complications
    • Diabetes complications
    • Or other injury/illness that requires attention

MEDICATION:  If your child needs to take medication during the school hours, it is necessary that the parent, and if the medication is a prescription, the physician provide written permission.  This must include the name of the drug, dose and time to be given.  The medication must be in the original labeled container and brought in to school by a responsible adult.  Children are not allowed to transport medication to and from school due to the danger of loss or accidental overdose by your child or another.  NO medication will be administered unless the correct procedures are followed.  These regulations apply to all drugs, including non-prescription drugs.  Whenever possible, please try to administer medication outside of school hours.

GYM EXCUSES:  If, due to accident or illness, you feel that your child is unable to participate in physical education, a physician’s excuse is required. Physical Education is a requirement for all students. A modified gym program that is approved by the child’s physician will be provided for those with limitations.

HEAD LICE (Pediculosis):  The spread of head lice can be controlled with awareness, prompt diagnosis and effective treatment. Lice can affect anyone, regardless of background or hygiene.  Lice cannot fly or jump, and they are normally transferred during head to head contact.  Check your child’s hair frequently for evidence of head lice. Children found to have head lice will be excluded from school until they are effectively treated.  After treatment, they must be checked in through the office before being allowed to return to school.

IMMUNIZATION CLINICS:  Immunization clinics will be provided throughout the year by the Oklahoma Caring Van.  Permission forms must be signed by the parent or guardian to participate in the clinic.  Dates and times for clinics will be listed on the Immunization Clinic Page.  

SCREENING:  Vision screening will be performed on all students in age-appropriate grades or if a parent or teacher requests a screening.  Other screenings that may be performed include hearing, dental, height and weight.  Referrals for further evaluation are made if there is a deviation from normal.  Please notify the nurse for your child’s school by September 1 for any screenings you do not want your child to participate in.


  • CPR:  Junior and Senior students to meet the graduation requirement.
    • 8th grade and HS Biology classes as required by Oklahoma State Law
    • 6th grade students as recommended by the Oklahoma State Law
  • Age-appropriate Growth and Development:  4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.
  • Additional subject at the request of the teacher.

Parents/Guardians of the student may opt out of any of the above education classes by contacting the nurse for your child’s school by September 1.    

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Please do not hesitate to call the nurse if questions or problems should arise.

district nurse information

Kevin Palmer, District Nurse, RN
Email Here
High School and 9th Grade Center

Jessica Hall, LPN
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Bridgestone and Winds West

Montana Honeysuckle, RN
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John Glenn and Council Grove

Jaci Richardson, LPN
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Middle School and Greenvale