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Health Concerns


Students with food allergies must have a doctor’s note on files with the nurse and cafeteria manager.  No substitutions will be made on your child’s tray without a note from the physician.  If your child requires an Epi-Pen for allergies, please make sure the nurse has one available at all times.

Allergic Reaction Plan


A student with asthma may need medication at school.  A medication form will need to be signed by the parent AND physician yearly. Students are allowed to carry rescue inhalers during the day with written documentation from the physician. The parent should provide a backup inhaler for the office.

Asthma Action Plan


If your student has diabetes, please arrange a meeting with the nurse before the start of school. The health team will work with the parents to organize a schedule that works for the student. Please be sure to have a medical plan from the physician. Insulin and other diabetic supplies must be brought to school daily.

Diabetes Management Plan

Diabetes Health Service Agreement


If your student has hemophilia, please arrange a meeting with the nurse before the start of school. We will need documentation from a physician stating the restrictions for your child.

Hemophilia Care Plan


Seizures can be managed at school. It may be necessary to arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher and nurse. Emergency medication for seizures may be kept at school. A yearly medication consent form is required to be signed by parent and the physician.

Seizure Action Care Plan

Tube Feedings

In order to provide tube feedings at school, we will need an order from a physician. The order should include the type of formula, quantity of formula, times of feeding, and any other pertinent information. A consent form must be filled out yearly.

Tube Feeding Consent Form


If catheterization is needed during school hours an order from the physician will be required. It should have the type of catheterization and time to be done.